Seattle Trans Joy

creating spaces by and for the local trans & nonbinary community

Organized by local majority BIPOC trans & nonbinary community members as Seattle Trans Joy <3

Our e-mail list

We'll send you e-mails about upcoming events. We'll try not to send too many. <3

Our events for 2023!

  • TRANS CAMP 3 (July 1-July 5): a 4-night tent camping space for trans & nonbinary adults in the North Cascades

  • SEATTLE TRANS PICNIC (July 15): our HUGE annual trans & nonbinary gathering in Seattle's Volunteer Park

  • SEATTLE TRANS BEACHDAY (Aug 5): a trans & nonbinary day at the beach <3

  • TRANS LAND (Aug 20-26): a new experiment for 2023! a DIY anti-summer camp for 150 trans & nonbinary adults in our private trans lakeside wonderland

Trans Camp 3! July 1-5 2023
Seattle Trans Picnic! July 15 2023
Seattle Trans Beachday! Aug 5 2023
Trans Land! Aug 20-26 2023

Who are we?

We're a majority-BIPOC group of organizers creating events & spaces for the local trans & nonbinary community. <3We started in 2021 by Jerika Che (just a mixed POC nonbinary trans person in our community) with an idea for a little picnic for trans folks, that ended up with hundreds of trans & nonbinary people showing up! It just grew from there. It was obvious there is such an enormous unmet need for trans connection & community here.In 2022, we started an experiment with two Trans Camps -- private trans & nonbinary group camps for 20-45 trans & nonbinary adults (>50% BIPOC) in our beautiful natural surroundings to create deeper community connection and heal in nature.In 2023, we became a group of majority-BIPOC organizers who met each other at Trans Camps. We're continuing our very successful & joyful picnic, beachday, and trans camps -- but also experimenting with a pretty exciting TRANS LAND -- for 150 trans & nonbinary adults in a summer camp setting with cabins and a cafeteria and a private beach and an art barn and canoes and fields and trails and an amphitheater and and and... <3